About Us

About Us

Company History

Lynkersoft is an innovation driven software firm headquartered in India.As a technology based solutions provider, the company aims at catering to various industry sectors across the globe. With a simple philosophy empower its end users with alternative solutions through conventional offerings which are both user and pocket friendly, the company aims to set a standardized benchmark through its portfolio in niche offering for its clients.

The journey of Lynkersoft started with a core idea to empower enterprises globally. Our realization that we could offer solutions for a diverse audience pan-industry accumulated into an all India survey across 14 cities that the promoters undertook to better understand the needs of technical intervention to smoothen enterprise operations and to channelize their workflows. 

Through its unique range of offerings, the company ideally positions itself as a multi-core tech solutions company that promotes innovation and technology to simplify life. With a Pan-India presence and, a client base across the globe, we at Lynkersoft leave no stone unturned to ensure customer empowerment and process optimization.


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