Automating Purchase & Negotiations

For every growth stage enterprise, the balance between demand and supply becomes a critical factor to ensure that the sustainability of the company is factored for. How well the enterprise sourcing channels are tapped and mapped act as a game changers ensuring that a company has access to the best rates and service providers at all times. A dis-organized organization moves forward with various loopholes that fails to keep in check the efficacy of sourcing and its price accuracy. The larger the organization grows, the going gets tougher to map these compliance.

How automation in Sourcing plays a vital role in maximizing profits?

Our platforms and play a key role in automating your procurement and logistics process respectively. Engage in last mile connections with your service providers. As a promoter, you can map the vital stats in these domains on the click of a button thus, including optimum transparency. As a Sourcing agent, the effort of co-ordination, negotiations and dispatch/ source planning are carried out tirelessly. This is a place negotiations are automated so that you have access to better rates through personally rated service providers so that you and your team can collaborate better to maximize your outputs internally and after all, money saved is money earned.

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Who we are?

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