What is CRM Software?

You may be a salesperson or a businessman in India, you may be located in Europe, United States of America, Australia, South-East Asia or any part of the world. There would always be an opportunity for you to enhance your Customer Relationship Management. It can be done with a tool called CRM Software. The tool will give you a 360 degree Customer view.

Big Data

Big data and its limitless potential have gained considerable momentum in the past decade. The ever growing data multiplying itself exponentially in the past few years has identified a deep potential to map certain outputs and that too, with accurate data from a pool of validated sources. The exposure to this domain has revealed infinite possibilities in this era.


For every growth stage enterprise, the balance between demand and supply becomes a critical factor to ensure that the sustainability of the company is factored for. How well the enterprise sourcing channels are tapped and mapped act as a game changers ensuring that a company has access to the best rates and service providers at all times.

Custom Enterprise Management
The Context :

Every enterprise effectively differs in its operational style. Many organizations function distinctly on the basis of their geography, workforce and the outlook of the promoter. Take the example of this leading manufacturer of chemicals in India.

Optimum Logistics Lifecycle Automation
The Context :

One of the largest entities with operations spread across continents have automated their negotiation lifecycle by utilizing the logistics framework optimization tools from Lynkersoft- Logbids.

GST and Technology

In a bold move, the Government of India made the Goods and Services tax a reality and this, in itself has been touted as one of the milestones in India’s economic reform history.

In layman terms the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is defined as an indirect tax applicable throughout India which replaced multiple cascading taxing levied by the central and state governments. With immediate implementations side effects, the regime in itself is projected to be a beneficiary booster to the country’s economic growth though with a few initial hiccups.

Digital Enterprise

Can an enterprise be truly digital? This is one of the questions the key stakeholders ask themselves every now and then to justify the necessity of digitization in their enterprise. We all come across reasons not to digitize as most organizational processes are people dependent and not to process dependent. In a core industry survey carried across 14 Indian cities, it was observed that the resistance was not towards products or digitization but, towards technology as a whole.

Man Vs Machine

It is an evidently growing concern in today’s date whether or not we will have a war with robots in the future? Will they take-over? What will the consequences look like?

Sitting across and sipping a warm cup of coffee to read this may be a physical intervention at a given point but, who knows whether the coffee is made by you or the coffee “machine”. A heavy dependence on machines in our day to day lives is a classic example of how far we may have moved forward in the direction of absolute mechanization.

The Digital Corner Store

The ever evolving world of technology is bringing newer possibilities closer to reality every minute. The globe literally is shrinking rapidly with ready availability of a vast pool of options for the target audiences and that too, without setting foot on the shop floor. What once seemed to be an occasion (Read: an outdoor shopping experiences with loved ones) has now been substituted by online discounts offered by e-commerce majors.