GST & Technology : How Life can be better ?

In a bold move, the Government of India made the Goods and Services tax a reality and this, in itself has been touted as one of the milestones in India’s economic reform history.

In layman terms the Goods and Services Tax (GST) is defined as an indirect tax applicable throughout India which replaced multiple cascading taxing levied by the central and state governments. With immediate implementations side effects, the regime in itself is projected to be a beneficiary booster to the country’s economic growth though with a few initial hiccups.

These hiccups include a rough phase of transition, especially for small businesses, trade unions and those sections of the business community that were earlier unaccounted for. For sure, the main reason for that is the lifecyle of the business dynamics that mimicked a more “hand to mouth” for various small business but, it also gave rise to a certain parallel economy, the existence of which was immensely questionable. Now that the tax regime has become an evident reality, we would like to emphasis on the impact technology can have to ease the process of the 10 to 10 filling schedules as a mandatory compliance for GST.

Lynkersoft and other companies in this zone, act as digital facilitators and Application Service Providers essentially assisting companies to digitize their GST Transformation and promote ease of operations in the filling of GST through linkages with GST Suvidha Providers (GSPs) which in turn directly like to the GSTN (GST Network) which in turn acts as a digital bridge on behest of the Government.

Our key role in this value chain is to essentially assist small companies not only digitize the filling schedules but, at the same time encourage various organizations to empower themselves by helping them to streamline their business operations and enhancing productivity from grass-root level.

We, as an enterprise, would love to interact with any stakeholder that seeks clarity in understanding how its optimum output can be reached through simplified digitization that not only ensues clarity but makes sure you comfortably transition to the next level of evolution for your enterprise whilst ensuring an exponential boost in productivity.

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