Man Vs Machine : Hyper or Reality ?

It is an evidently growing concern in today’s date whether or not we will have a war with robots in the future? Will they take-over? What will the consequences look like?

Sitting across and sipping a warm cup of coffee to read this may be a physical intervention at a given point but, who knows whether the coffee is made by you or the coffee “machine”. A heavy dependence on machines in our day to day lives is a classic example of how far we may have moved forward in the direction of absolute mechanization.

The complexities of this era may be many but, we too, as humans, evolve with time. In the early history of documented mankind, we’ve been educated about various benchmarks of the evolution of milestones in history ranging from the discovery of fire, the invention of the wheel, to mechanization, to the industrial revolution and, till date.

Maybe the discovery of fire gave us an exposure to cooked meals, the wheel reduced human efforts, the industrialization made dependence on just the labour force substantially lesser and today, we don’t need to remember anything or even express ourselves as we can emote online. Every step we’re advancing in this chain; we’re cutting short on our dependence on our fellow human beings. A new dynamic of constantly upgrading oneself is a constant notion or else people are tagged in the category of those with an expired skillset. With every step towards innovation, a certain set of people lose their source of income. Is it wrong though? That’s a question worth asking.

While the movie industry banks heavily on this Man Vs. Machine possibility, we look at the recent developments that may help trigger these in the future. Let’s sit back and take a look at developments in the diverse fields of AI, Big Data, Robotic Automation and sentimental analytics. Machines are being made capable of and developed sans human inabilities such that they are absolutely flawless to an extent that they are capable of making up for human incompetence. They are being built with the notion to explore horizons that we, as humans, are not capable of in the current form. Though, at this point of time, these are chiefly focussed on testing the feasibility; if not kept in affirmative check, a time may (or may not depending on the control mechanisms) come in the future when we have to combat these machines.

A machine is often capable of learning things in fractions of seconds that humans take a lifetime to learn. Notable companies have shelved products based on Artificial Intelligence instantaneously on finding out that their products have picked up negative traits from vast data pools.

At this point of time however, this automation brings with it a ray of hope. A hope, as it is in its development stages that it promises process optimization by reducing the room for human errors and at the same time functioning tirelessly and that too, better. Dependencies of the previous decades have now been replaced practically in many fields and for that, we definitely need to thank technology. We may claim that technology, at this point, may have partially taken over our lives however, what is of apex importance in today’s complex dynamics is the fact that we ably control our outputs on the very crux of our technical dependence. Witness machine learning and data interpretation opportunities to promote the best outputs for your enterprise with Lynkersoft’s intelligent systems practice today and cut cost to minimal to ensure that the output is maximal.

The robots in the future? Will they take-over? What will the consequences look like?